Luxam manufactures products for lighting museum exhibits and environments. Fiber optic and hybrid fiber/LED systems lead the way for both excellent conservation and stunning vision of your artifacts.

We also fabricate custom LED fixtures for linear lighting as well as interactive displays. Our product range will continue to expand as the potentials of this light media are developed.

  • Nano – Our smallest fixtures.
  • Micro - Our most versatile line of controllable fixtures.
  • Mini – Fixtures for large surface areas (flags, costume, wall hangings).
  • Lightstick – Slender wands of linear light, great for documents and graphics.
  • Grip Equipment – Hardware for attachments and adjustments.
  • Control Equipment – Beam control (barndoors, snoots, etc.)
  • LED Lighting – linear, flat panel, and fixtures.
  • Illuminators – LED, halogen and metal halide as well as our exclusive 24 channel DMX controlled LED unit for interactive and augmented reality systems.
  • The Rake - LED wall washer and table case fixture – NEW!

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