Hybrid fiber optic and LED lighting for museums

Combining the best of both disciplines, Luxam has created an exciting range of possibilities for museum exhibits. Fiber optics has long been the first choice for museums concerned about conservation of sensitive artifacts The many other benefits of using a fiber system are:

  • Long life of the fibers and fixtures – 20+ years.
  • Security – the fibers are embedded in the case design and do not require opening the interior for service or for lamp changes.
  • Safety – All electricity remains outside the case environment.
  • Humidity – A low power consumption and all heat external to the interior.
  • Control of the Vision – With many fixtures that can be adjusted individually for intensity you can deliver multiple light levels in the same case with one system.

LED lighting is new to the museum environment. It is an emerging technology that has not until recently, been a good choice for museums because of inconsistent color characteristics and the inability to replace and blend old equipment with new. LED’s also introduce electricity to the casework interiors although ,usually as low voltage.

The many pluses of LED’s are :

  • Long life (40,000 + hours )
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low heat in the beam and little or no UV.
  • Control functions by electronic protocols (DMX, Dali) allowing for remote diming and diming without color shift.

Luxam has combined the best of both to create hybrid systems. The timeless integrity of fiber optics and fixtures within the case interiors, coupled with LED light generation outside respect conservation principals.

With these Hybrid systems we have raised the total dynamic of vision vs. conservation to a new level.

Considering all the technological advances expected with LED lighting in the short term, obsolescence is a concern. Museum budgets require exhibit casework to have a minimum life of ten years life. When hardwiring LEDs within the case, that guarantee of service cannot be maintained.

When using remote LED illuminators, all the technology is accessible without disturbing the delivery system within the displays. We have built our systems to accept the newest available LED components to make upgrades simple as the technology matures.

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